05 Killer Facebook Ad Targeting Strategies – 2022

Why Facebook Targeting

In reality, many advertisers are not utilizing the ton of Facebook detailed targeting options. Still, people work on campaigns with low-level audience targeting strategies. 

This is because marketers, advertisers and ad analysts need to put in their customers’ shoes while working on ads. Ads are not just conversion-building mediums; it sometimes sucks out all your money if not correctly targeted and optimized. 

Facebook ads

And the top-most reason to run ad campaigns is that ads have the property of laser-focused targeting options, which directly hits the customer persona. Getting people out of the niche is very difficult, so here, targeting helps businesses to acquire the right prospects by targeting them using the online behaviour, field of interests, demographics and decisions taken by them over online space. 

Target Everyone or just a Few? 

With Facebook ads, you can get everything as much as possible. But why target everyone for a specific need? Instead, target only a few niche people to get more brand visibility. Really, there are a bunch of audience-targeting options to show ads for a predefined set of people. 

Each action on Facebook can be a conversion with the right targeting. But how? 

Target people who engaged with your FB posts 

Anyone who visited your FB profile

People who clicked our CTA (A Very Big result for small buttons)

People who messaged you on your page

People who saved your post.

How does Facebook ad Targeting work? 

If you’re ready to start targeting your ads, we have some essential questions you should ask. Targeting is a lot of work and can affect your budget—so make sure to grasp the basics before diving into creating an ad. 

For example, when deciding how to target your audience and what’s involved in creating an effective ad, ask yourself: 

Who are my ideal customers? 

What kind of products or services do they engage with? 

When’s the best time for them to look for holiday gifts? 

It’s also crucial to remember that targeted ads can be cheaper than mass-mailing campaigns, which occur every day—but they require more attention on your part and more resources than traditional email marketing campaigns as well.

Facebook ads working

Facebook ad targeting works on three primary audience classifications, 

  • Core Audience
  • Custom Audience
  • Lookalike Audience

Core Audience

Defining the core audience according to their online interests, behaviour, age, gender, educational interests and demography. Then, create your ads and target people who are most likely to respond. With Core Audience, you set the rules for where your ads are delivered. Next, adjust your target audience to be as broad or well-defined as you like based on the following criteria.





Connection network

Custom Audience

Custom Audience targeting is one of the best audience targeting options in Fb ads with a higher conversion rate. Customer audience targeting is nothing but targeting people who have already engaged with your business in any form. 

Contact list

Sign Up leads

Website Visitors

App users

Users who have previously engaged or interacted with the business

Lookalike audience

One of the most exciting audience targeting is lookalike audience targeting. Targeting new people who have the same or similar interests as our customers. Facebook ad algorithm fetches the interest and behaviours of unique users with similar interests to our existing customers. 

Yes, Facebook ads are a goldmine to make 10X conversions when appropriately optimized. Facebook targeting strategies are another level of detailed audience targeting methodology. Let’s check out some of the killer FB ad-targeting options. 

05 Killer Facebook Ad Audience targeting Strategies 

1. Targeting custom audience for remarketing campaigns

2. Target competitors’ audiences using Audience Insights

3. Target people with the recent purchase behaviour

4. Get people relevant to your business with precise lookalike targeting

5. Broad targeting to identify your target audience. 

1. Targeting custom audience for remarketing campaigns

Remarketing is a powerful Facebook Ad targeting method to connect with potential customers who have already expressed interest in your products and boost conversions. Using Facebook Custom Audiences targeting options, your ads will be seen by people who have recently viewed your site, people who have looked at sales pages, or even those who have looked at specific products. You can also exclude people who have purchased recently if you think they are unlikely to convert again soon.

The Facebook Pixel is an Audience Network ad tool that allows you to track and reach people on Facebook by using their web browsing habits.

Facebook data

Remarketing on Facebook to people who have visited your website, clicked on sales or checkout pages, or even just looked at specific products is a powerful tactic that can help you increase the conversion rate and get you a greater (Return on Investment) ROI. 

Find the below checklist on how to target an audience using remarketing campaigns, 

  • Navigate to Facebook Ads manager and select the Audience option
  • On the create audience option, click build a new audience. 
  • On the sources menu, click website audiences.
  • Choose the pixel you have integrated with your website activity. 
  • In the events tab, select which type of audience to target. 
  • Finally, name your audience list and create a new audience list for remarketing campaigns.

2. Target competitors’ audiences using Audience Insights

Facebook Audience Insights (FAI) is an all-in-one tool to better understand your customers and people who have interacted with your Facebook business page. Using Facebook audience insights (FAI), get pieces of information about

  • People who have interacted with your business profile
  • People on Facebook
  • People who are connected to your page
  • People in the custom audience list

If you’re spending all your time creating a Facebook audience and firing away at ads, you’re missing the opportunity to use Facebook Insights to discover who your competitors are. This can help you create more effective ads and stay under their radar.

Facebook ad targeting

Once you grasp all the valuable information Meta offers, it’s time for an Audience Strategy. Meta’s Facebook Insights tool gives you a clear picture of your current audience and allows you to learn more about them visually and quantitatively.

Checkout the Quick guide for defining the audience insights on the Meta Business suite, 

  • Open the Audience insights dashboard in your business meta account and filter the user based on demographics like location, age, gender and interests to filter the potential audience list. 
  • Continue to go through the Top Pages section, and copy and paste the list of the Facebook Pages that your competitors’ fans connect with.
  • Now that you’ve got an audience based on your competitors’ fans, it’s time to create new ads by copying and pasting the list of top pages that your audience shares into a spreadsheet.
  • Using competitors’ social media pages as a starting point, you can create a custom audience based on the people who identify themselves as fans of those pages.
  • Click Save, and you’ve made a list of top pages your competitors’ users connect with.

3. Target people with the recent purchase behaviour

Targeting your audience is an essential aspect of marketing on Facebook. Use Content Targeting to refine the audience based on their interests, which include buying habits, lifestyle, likes and educational qualifications.

Facebook offers the most comprehensive purchase data in the industry; this lets you target a broader range of users and allows you to craft better ads.

Facebook feed behaviour

Almost every major retailer and brand has highly custom audience classes for shoppers more likely to make purchases. With Facebook, you can target anyone engaged with the brands and retailers on your list based on their aggregated, multi-sourced offline transaction-based data (or, in simpler terms, the number of Facebook users in that category they’ve matched to offline purchasing data).

Audience-Targeting on Facebook is one of the most powerful, flexible ways to reach your ideal audience. For example, you can target buyers, explorers and seekers at different stages in their purchase journey.

Before getting into the recent targeting, enable the recently purchased customer list from the database for the right targeting.

  • Create a new ad set.
  • In the existing ad, select the detailed targeting option, and search for engaged shoppers to target the precise customers. 
  • Select the Engaged shoppers and start your campaign.

4. Get people relevant to your business with precise lookalike targeting

Do you have a customer who loves all of your products and services? Facebook Lookalike Audiences allow you to create targeted lists of customers who share characteristics with those who already buy from you. In addition, value-based lookalike audiences will help you connect with those customers who are similar to your best customers but haven’t yet been reached by other ad campaigns.

Facebook Lookalike Audiences are a way for you to make more sales, increase social engagement and connect with more buyers.

facebook lookalike Targeting

Before targeting the lookalike customers, let’s check how to create & upload custom value custom audiences to fetch the lookalike audience. Also, one important thing is the lookalike audience matching will be achieved based on the uploaded custom audience interest and behaviour. 

  • Navigate to the audience section in the Facebook ads manager.
  • In the audience option, select the custom audience menu and choose the customer list as the source for targeting.
  • Select the customer list and determine the best matching customer value for your custom audience in the value column.
  • Once the custom value has been created, upload the custom audience list in.csv file format.

5. Broad targeting to identify your target audience. 

Let’s imagine you’re just starting your first Facebook ads campaign and don’t know about your target audience. No, look no further; go with the broad targeting option, which will help you learn about your buyer persona and the audience you want to target.

To find the most responsive audience to show your Facebook ads to, you’ll need to create a target audience that fits your needs. It is easy as targeting a broad age range within a large geographic area or more complex. Selecting an appropriate targeting method will depend on your brand and your goal.

Once your campaign has launched, you can check Facebook’s Audience Insights or Ads Manager to see who saw your ads and how they responded. Click here to see how to create custom audiences in Ads Manager.

The targeting options on Facebook Ads are incredible, but there’s a lot you can do with them if you know how to get started.

Facebook Ad Audience Targeting – The Bottom Line

Is Facebook an excellent advertising channel? Absolutely. It connects with potential customers, saves the time and money needed to reach your audience, and can help you get more face-to-face interactions.

Facebook’s Audience Ads are an easy way to advertise to a specific target audience. In addition, it’s possible to create as many different target audiences in one campaign as you want.

Experiment with multiple Facebook audience targeting and analyze the insights and report to know what works and needs improvement. 

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