20 Tested Lead Magnets to 10X the Sales Pipeline

Looking for lead magnet ideas but having trouble finding the ones your audience needs the most?

Lead magnets are the cornerstone of improving conversion rates. Tools like OptinMonster allow you to present your offers to the right people, but you must present them first.

Whether it’s a discount or an eBook, your lead magnets can decide how many new leads you get. Unfortunately, this also affects the quality of these leads. The familiar lead generation slump hits with summer in full swing and the third quarter approaching. 

People go on vacation, they stop answering their phones, and sales teams get nervous about increasing Sales Qualified leads (SQL). 

Oh, and there’s also the whole cookieless internet, where collecting first-party data on websites is more important than ever.

 It’s time to line up your fresh new lead magnets!

Lead Magnet

Lead magnets aim to maximize the number of targeted leads. This is the first step in my customer value optimization process.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the types of lead magnets and the absolutely wrong questions most companies ask to generate leads. But first, you must understand the essential ingredients of a successful lead magnet.

Why Lead Magnet?

Lead magnets can be straightforward or take a long time to create.

In fact, long and complex lead magnets may need to convert better. All you have to do is solve a specific problem with one solution for a particular segment of the market. Coming up with a good lead magnet idea can be a long process. Putting together an ebook or white paper just because other companies are doing it is a mistake.

High-converting lead magnet ideas provide so much value that your target audience can’t say no. The better our reed magnets are, the better our leads will be because we can give them exactly what they need at the right time. 

Lead magnets work for almost any audience, including B2B and B2C companies. They are powerful because they open the door for further communication between the company and the lead.

A solid mailing list ensures that you always have access to a loyal and receptive audience.

Subscribe to our newsletter!” no longer works as a list-building tactic.

Leads Funnel

Today’s consumers are more fed up with the increasing volume of emails they receive. But, unfortunately, no one is ready to fill their Inbox with tons & tons of promotional and sales mail. 

It’s getting boring as each day passes, and people become choosier in signing or subscribing to the email Newsletter unless or until they get excited, educated or entertained.

Let’s Dive deep into some of the truly tested and tried Lead magnets to improve your lead generation process. 

What is a Lead Magnet?

Lead Magnet is a free resource model that attracts and clicks potential customers into your niche. Using this free content will make your visitors more likely to sign up for your mailing list and eventually become paying customers.

This makes lead magnets one of the essential parts of your content marketing strategy.

Ok, but why does a business need a customer’s email list?


Because email is very personal, even if they like your brand, people only give away your email address with a good incentive. As a marketer, it’s about you to give them a compelling reason.

For example, let’s say you have a blog post about the top 10 ways to improve customer service. At the end of the post, ask your readers to sign up for your “what’s new” email list. 

Alternatively, you can ask readers to join your mailing list to receive a free, downloadable PDF of the case study. It details real-world examples of companies using these 10 strategies to improve customer service.

Which offer will you get the most email signups?

Exactly – the second!

Here are some examples of Lead Magnets that get it right; let’s go over the 20 Lead Magnets every marketer should look at.

1. Guides / Downloadable reports

Finding original material can be challenging if you work in a mature market sector.

Sometimes, others have covered a topic so thoroughly that adding anything new would hardly be conceivable. I suggest creating an all-encompassing handbook in this circumstance.


An exhaustive collection of the top articles on a given topic makes up an ultimate guide. So what distinguishes this from an ebook in particular? First, you are linking directly to other websites rather than reposting content from your blog.

2. Cheat Sheets or Strategy books

Cheat Sheets are the trendy lead magnets; as worksheets are more activity-based, you probably will write less than you would for an ebook. The outline and design stage will take up more of your time.


Fortunately, worksheet packages like the ones seen below are usually simple to make using apps like Canva, which have free worksheet designs already integrated into their platform. Depending on your audience’s requirements, these worksheets can be digitally fillable PDFs or printable documents.

3. Checklist

The checklist translates the best of all lead magnets, perhaps because it’s so easily consumed. Everything a user needs to know is put together in one actionable list.


 It’s also very quick to create. For example, popular blog posts can be compiled into a checklist and turned into a content upgrade. Then, when you combine this content upgrade with a two-step opt form, you see a massive conversion boost.

4. Templates

A template is one of the most popular lead magnets.

Why? Because it helps users streamline processes and save time. But at its core, it solves the challenges many of us have.

Templates lead magnet


Social media


graphic design

Unleash what your audience needs most and create for them. In addition, the magnets are maintenance-free.

5. Ebooks

This is the time-tested classic lead magnet idea. Most people have read ebooks at least once or twice, so they’re easy to understand and simple to put together.

You don’t even have to create an eBook from scratch. Consider transforming your most popular blog posts into an ebook format. Add a new introduction, body, and conclusion, and you have a lead magnet.


Think of a niche topic you discussed in a blog, podcast episode, or video interview. These conversations and this content can easily be converted into ebook content. It’s just a matter of structuring it, so your readers can understand it easily.

6. Webinars

Webinar marketing uses webinars (live or recorded) to connect with your audience or existing and potential customers to promote your business.


Most marketing webinars serve as lead generation tools by offering free, helpful information in the hopes that viewers would recognize the need to upgrade to paid goods or services provided by that business. The second sort of lead magnet is a webinar, which has the potential to provide even better leads and more value than a checklist or ebook that can be downloaded.

7. Mini-courses

Did you know that the $275 billion online education industry, also known as knowledge commerce? You can host a lead magnet miniature course without teaching experience.

Your mini-course may include various materials, including weekly emails with readings and assignments, videos, audio files, quizzes, and more.

8. Toolkits

Toolkits and resource lists can be great lead magnets for the right companies and markets. It comes as a “starter kit,” a template, or a glossary of what you need to know.

Design Thinking for Educators provides an overview of the process, methods and instructions to help put design thinking into action, and this free toolkit for designers’ workbooks to support design challenges.

9. Social Media calendars or planners

Similar to a calendar is a schedule you create for someone daily, weekly, or monthly.

 A lead magnet can also be a blank planner for users to fill in their plans. These blank planners are handy because they make organizing easier for people.

Social Media Planner

A generic planner is only for some set of audiences. You could create a planner specifically designed for people in your industry. Consider offering it as a free printable download and a digital PDF that users can fill out on their computers. 

10. Video Guides or Tutorials 

Create a video as your lead magnet if you want to go beyond an infographic!

Videos can be immersive and absorbing. Because they engage more of our senses, many individuals choose to watch videos rather than, for example, read a 40-page eBook.  

Video Guides Lead

Additionally, you may appear on camera or have actual individuals appear in front of the camera to strengthen your brand.

The best thing is that videos have a higher perceived value than still images, which makes them even more alluring.

11. Building a community 

To build a loyal customer base, community management is crucial for businesses. It may also work well for generating leads.

Building a Community Lead Magnet

You can accomplish both using services like Slack, Facebook Groups, and LinkedIn.

Target customers of many firms cherish community and seek out forums where they can discuss their wants, objectives, and difficulties.

By creating that area, you can create leads and learn more about your audience.

12. Infographics

Since infographics do so well on social media, they are often the type of information you would imagine employing to drive website traffic. But they also function admirably as lead magnets for education.

Infographics Leads

Consider this: many individuals want a concept to be visualized in order to comprehend it properly. Consequently, why not utilize an infographic to demonstrate your idea rather than offering readers a tonne of tedious text to read through? Your lead magnet will stand out a lot more thanks to this added degree of detail.

This infographic illustrates the differences between the habits of successful and unsuccessful people.

13. Downloadable PDFs

Printables refer to any downloadable lead magnet that is available in a printable version. They can also be used as templates. Because all your audience needs to do to join your email list and ConvertKit’s automation will handle the rest, these fast downloads are a simple method to expand your email list.

Downloadable PDF Leads Magnet

Someone who receives your printable in a straightforward incentive email will click the button inside the email to instantly download the document, which they can then print themselves. Printables could be a terrific approach to expanding your email list if you have design savvy.

14. Podcasts

A lead magnet must draw listeners to your podcast and generate leads. Since working on the podcast, I have come up with something entertaining and exciting to do to gain a following. 

This serves as a sort of “lead magnet” for your podcast. However, when you stop to think about it, one of the most effective tools an independent podcaster can use is an email list or subscriber database.

15. Gated Content

A blog post or a section of a blog post that is gated is concealed behind your lightbox popup. Since it makes use of your existing content, this is one of the most straightforward lead magnets to make.

You could, for example, gate the second half of a lengthy blog entry. Using one of our inline opt-in form designs and our content Lock function, you can accomplish this fairly quickly with OptinMonster.

16. Discounts or Offers

Discount clubs and free shipping offers can be effective lead magnet types if you sell physical products online or offline.

Discount Lead Magnet

17. Free email Crash course

Companies frequently offer online courses, but there are other locations.

According to a 2019 Statista survey, the majority of people (over 80%) regularly check their emails, even after regular office hours.

We also know how well-liked email newsletters are because virtually every business sends its daily top insights to your mailbox. In light of this, launching an email course is a fantastic lead magnet choice.

An email course is a series of learning through email modules that can range in length from three to ten or more and thoroughly cover a subject.

18. Case Studies

Case studies rely on particular types of content, but the success they uncover can lure site visitors into action.

If you have a blog post or clip of an interview focused on an actual client you’ve worked with, turn it into a case study to explain the client’s needs and success metrics.

Then link that case study behind a form that your site visitors can access by entering their name and email address. Remember that you need permission and approval from the client to create the case study.

19. Whitepapers

In its simplest form, a whitepaper is a completely downloadable resource that helps people apply blog posting principles to their businesses.

The purpose of the whitepaper is for participants to learn by doing. As a teacher in this scenario, you position your company as an expert on the subject.

With this in mind, you should choose your whitepaper exercises carefully. Elicit information from participants incrementally so that short answers can be compiled at the end of the workbook to create a comprehensive work.

20. Data Reports

Reports can be used in any sector that relies on data, statistics, or research, but they are particularly effective lead magnets for B2B companies.

Data reports Lead Magnet

Either conduct the research and gather the data yourself or compile information from numerous sources into a thorough report.

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