CercleX <> Shakti Plastic – announces strategic partnership

CercleX, the Coimbatore-based Web3 Waste management company, has joined hands with The Shakti Plastic Industries, one of India’s leading plastic recycling pioneers.

Shakti Plastics Industries was established in 1969 with a mission “To reduce and recycle waste.” Shakti Plastics Industries is one of India’s leading recyclers of plastic waste.

Shakti Plastic Industries, India’s largest waste recycler,  and Infinite Cercle (Cercle X), the world’s first Web3-based waste management platform, entered into a strategic partnership to create a hassle-free digital platform for everyone involved in waste management across the globe. 

With a legacy of building a cleaner & greener ecosystem for over three generations, the Shakti plastic industries have shown relentless passion and responsibility for preserving an eco-friendly environment for a better tomorrow.

CercleX team

CercleX focuses on bringing new-age waste management ideologies to eliminate ‘waste’ and accelerate the world to a circular economy.

CercleX, a Web3-based waste management solution, unifies the global waste management market to enable individuals, businesses and communities to manage their waste effectively. With CercleX, every individual can avoid sending their waste to landfills and create new value in their waste.

Over the past few years, CercleX has successfully streamlined packaging and recycling processes at every stage of the waste management supply chain, delivering incredible value to recycled materials.

CercleX is a technology-enabled waste management company founded in 2020 by Vishnu Vardhan (CEO) and Divya Shetty (COO). 

CercleX founders

With EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility), IWM (Industrial Waste Management), and a Smart Waste Management platform, CercleX provides solutions to the waste crisis by reducing landfill waste through the collection, sorting, and recycling. This digital waste management platform strive hard to keep waste out of landfills.

CercleX aims to digitize the entire waste management ecosystem using a digital waste management platform based on blockchain technology (powered by Polygon Technology). These include NFT Minting, Blockchain, Plastic Credit and Carbon Credits.

The strategic partnership is made to ensure & establish a hassle-free digital platform for everyone globally associated with waste management.

CercleX, the Web3 waste management platform, helps to create a sustainable future for all. ♻️

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