Rs.936.44 Crores Fresh Fine for Google again by CCI

Google is now facing a new fine of Rs 936.44 crores from the Competition Commission of India (CCI) for Google’s anti-competitive practices. The tech giant has been accused of abusing its market power over its Google Play Store policies. 

CCI has also instructed Google to change its behavior. This follows a fine of Rs 1,337.76 against the tech giant announced by the Fairtrade regulator on 20 October for similar reasons.

According to a CCI press release, Google has also been served a moratorium. In its assessment, CCI found that “Google dominates the market of licensable operating systems for smart mobile devices and app stores for Android smart mobile operating systems in India.”

In accordance with Google’s Play Store Policy, CCI states that app developers may use the Google Play billing system as an “exclusive” not only to receive payments for apps distributed or sold through the Play Store but also for in-app purchases made by users. However, it said that it should be used in accordance with the there is no provision for developers to add direct links for payment.

At the core of the case is the Google Play Store policy, which requires app developers to use only the Google Play Billing System (GPB) for all customer billing. This system should be used to accept payments from your app and in-app purchases from your customers. App developers do not use GPBS and are not permitted to list their products on the Google Play Store. 

Google fined by CCI

In a press release on Tuesday, the CCI said, “Relying on the forced use of GPBS for paid apps and in-app purchases to access the Play Store is unilateral, arbitrary and out of our legitimate business interests.” is lacking,” he said.

As already mentioned, CCI has instructed Google to stop and refrain from anti-competitive practices. “Google does not allow app developers to use third-party billing/payment processing services, neither in-app purchases nor in-app purchases, and shall not restrict app developers,” he said. 

“Google also must not use third-party billing/payment processing services to discriminate against or take action against such apps.”

In a previous order, CCI said that Google forced app developers to use an in-app payment system, and selling in-app digital goods is essential for developers to monetize their work.

The regulator said the Android device maker shouldn’t be forced to pre-install his Google services on devices. Among other things, we asked Google to allow fair access to all interest groups.

Google has faced global criticism for requiring software developers to use its app store to use its in-app payment system that charges up to 30% fees on in-app purchases. Recently, the company has started allowing alternative payment systems in more countries.

According to Counterpoint Research, Google’s Android operating system powers 97% of its 600 million smartphones in India.

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