Twitter soon to launch Long-form Content sharing feature.

Twitter, the recently acquired microblogging service from Elon Musk, has announced that users will soon be able to include long-form content in their tweets.

Musk tweeted about it, saying, “Twitter will soon introduce the option to attach long-form text to tweets, ending the ridiculousness of notepad screenshots.” The next step will be creator monetization for all types of material, he continued. It is also important to note that Musk purchased the social media platform following the conclusion of a $44 billion takeover agreement.

Additionally, in another cryptic message, Elon Musk commented on Twitter’s search function and promised to improve it in the future. On Twitter, he said: “Searching on Twitter reminds me of Infoseek from 1998! It would also be a much better proto.”

An earlier version of Twitter’s iOS software for Apple iPhone users added the new $7.99 Blue membership.

Twitter advertises, “Get Twitter Blue for $7.99/month if you join up today” in the Apple App store. Your account will receive a blue checkmark, precisely like the celebrities, businesses, and politicians you already follow. Blue checkmark: Power to the people.

The new owner of Twitter, Elon Musk, stated last month that no immediate changes would be made to Twitter’s content management policies. To be crystal clear, we have yet to make any changes to Twitter’s content moderation policy, he emphasized on Twitter. Musk also discussed the creation of a committee to deliberate on crucial issues involving site moderation.

Shortly after the news went viral, Esther Crawford, product manager for Twitter (microblogging site), said the new blue tick feature “has not been released yet.

“The new Blue isn’t out there yet. We’re still in the sprint to launch, but we’re testing and pushing changes in real-time, so some people see us doing updates. The Twitter team is legendary. The New Blue… Coming soon!” he tweeted.

The Verified Twitter Blue is now available in the iOS version in the United States, Australia, New Zealand and also in the UK. On Tuesday, Musk confirmed the report and announced that it would charge Twitter’s subscription service $8 per month for prioritizing replies, mentions and searches.

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