What is Tripwire Marketing & how it works?

Tripwire marketing is a conversion acceleration hack that persuades target customers to buy something small instead of a more expensive product or service.

Tripwire is an attractive, low-cost offer solely to convert potential customers into actual customers. This small service helps expedite the shopper’s journey by allowing customers to step in without making a big purchase.

Tripwire Funnel

How does TripWire Marketing work?

A tripwire funnel is a unique form of sales funnel that encourages a buyer to purchase one of a product or service at an unmissable price.

Once the customer decides to buy, they are taken to the purchase page and are presented with the upsell option.

Tripwire marketing work

Making your offer more attractive, for example, by creating a cheaper alternative to an expensive product, will increase your conversions. But first, you must ensure you’re offering enough value to justify further purchases.

Why is Tripwire Selling efficient?

Start with a cheap Tripwire deal. Usually, it’s a product between $5 and $50. This is a perfect example of what “tripwire” means in business. It’s all about getting your customers to take small actions to start a more extensive process.

 When a customer buys, he offers something at a higher price one time. The product is one of the more expensive ones, usually in the $499+ range.

You can send this high-value offer to your customer immediately after purchasing the bargain item or wait 24 hours before sending your email campaign.

If the customer chooses a high-priced offer, redirect them to the product page, complete the purchase, and send them a warm confirmation message.

Customer behaviour

If the customer decides not to sign up, send her another one-off offer for mid-ticket products. This is slightly more expensive than the original purchase but cheaper than the higher-priced offer we just saw. That is, reduce high-value offers to medium-value offers. Prices typically range from $99 to $500.

But the best? Even if the customer does not select an intermediate ticket item, it remains on her list of mailings since the initial purchase. You can contact or reach out to customers for discounts, offers, product launches, and promo codes.

Tripwire marketing funnel

Incorporating tripwire marketing into your overall conversion funnel plan leads to a multi-channel conversion rate. Therefore, it merits a separate location.

Depending on how you use it, the tripwire itself may fit in a few different spots in your funnel.

For instance, tripwires are a top-of-funnel tactic used by many marketers. They boost online traffic using SEO and content marketing before providing absurdly high value at a low cost. That’s a fantastic strategy for converting folks quickly.

Tripwire funnel working

However, you can alternatively put it in the center of the funnel. Consider the case where you have an extensive email list of leads from your free lead magnet. Create a drip campaign, which consists of a series of emails, to advertise your tripwire deal.

How to Start off with Trip-Wire Marketing?

  • Bring all of your goods and services together.
  • Find out the best product with the greatest sales value.
  • Think about developing a more minimal viable product (MVP) that is less expensive but still mostly maintains value.
  • Use paid advertising to introduce the tripwire product to new clients.
  • Customers who purchase the tripwire item should receive email drip campaigns encouraging them to make additional purchases.

The Bottom line

Successful tripwires convert leads into first-time clients rather than trying to turn a profit on the tripwire sale. Once you have those consumers, they will likely stay with your business and make more purchases.

Any offer cannot be used as a tripwire. A successful tripwire can be distinguished from one that won’t convert your leads by a few key characteristics. First, a tripwire’s actual and perceived value needs to be high. People will only purchase your tripwire deal if they believe it is worthwhile.

Tripwire is intended to be irresistible, to capture the audience’s interests. Your potential customers stand to gain significantly from this transaction while losing nothing. They, therefore, have no justification for rejecting it. If your products can win them over, a sizable portion of them will feel more comfortable making additional purchases from you.

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